Information Flow

Risk mitigation for double financing and fraudulent trade information.

Corporations are able to submit and verify purchase orders and invoices, and request pre-shipment and post-shipment financing from the financiers of their choice. By providing those financiers with access to trade data, the Network will help financiers to mitigate the risk of double financing and fraudulent trade information. This data enables the financiers to better assess risks and provide trade financing earlier in the supply chain, including for small and medium-sized enterprises who have traditionally experienced difficulty in accessing trade finance. Banks will provide financing outside of the Network using their existing systems.


Governance and standardization. Open architecture. Standardized connectivity.

Governance principles modeled on SWIFT to achieve maximum adoption across the supply chain ecosystem.

Corporates will use a simple one-time registration process which will allow them to connect with the banks of their choice on the Network.

Potential Solution Benefits


  • Improves access to financing
  • Enables additional financing earlier in trade cycle
  • Favorable cost of funding
  • Simplifies IT access (including ERP integration) across multiple banks and buyer programs


  • Strengthens Supplier relationships
  • Stabilizes supply chain by improving Supplier's financial viability
  • Improves COGS and/or payment terms
  • Simplifies IT access (including ERP integration) across multiple banks


  • Better serves the financing needs of clients across the supply chain
  • Reduces fraud risk and double financing risk
  • Ability to analyse performance risk of supplier based on data captured
  • Attractive asset class
  • Creates an open industry network, by banks for banks
  • Simple and affordable to join
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