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SIBOS 2021- The Deutsche Bank's Festival of Finance


images Wed, Oct, 20-2021

Trade Information Network Update. The session provides an overview on the rationale of six major trade banks that founded Trade Information Network, the benefits the different parties see in engagement via the platform, and how TIN operates. It will also focus on the way the Network unlocks additional financing opportunities along the entire supply chain.

  • Sudhir Dole, CEO, Trade Information Network
  • Kirsten Kunz, Global Head of Trade Flow Product Management, Deutsche Bank
  • Markus Maurer, Senior Product Manager, Trade Finance, Deutsche Bank (moderator)
  • Jens Noffke, Working Capital Lead, Global Procurement, F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG

To watch the video please register for the Festival of Finance by completing the form in the below link.

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