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images Sun, Oct, 17-2021

Is the UK any closer to meaningful digital reform?

Discussions over the importance of legal and regulatory reform continue across the world of trade, with recent G7 government commitments over the adoption of electronic transferable records in international transactions hailed as a huge step forward, in line with the recent UK Law Commission consultation on proposed reforms. However, despite the clear advancements made, concerns persist over the speed of progress and the need for establishing inclusive industry standards to make it easier for corporates to communicate with their banks and help the UK “trade its way out of a crisis”, as well as to help banks better assess risks and provide a wider range of financing across the trade lifecycle, going deeper into global supply chains. This session will debate this issue from both sides before reaching a conclusion on current progress.


Sarah Green, Law Commissioner for Commercial & Common Law, Law Commission of England & Wales

Sudhir Dole, Chief Executive Officer, Trade Information Network

Merisa Lee Gimpel, Managing Director, Head of Working Capital Innovation, Lloyds Banking Group

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